Our new choir teacher at work has a side gig rewriting musicals so they are appropriate for teen and children casts. His newest is "Sweeney Todd." I watched it last night for 🎃 and, after the scene with the meat grinder, made a list of musicals that would be very challenging to recreate for kids and why.
  1. Avenue Q
    Puppet fucking
  2. Cabaret
    Nipple tassels, Holocaust
  3. The Life
    Song-and-dance numbers about prostitution
  4. The Book of Mormon
    I actually feel like if they did this right it would be awesome.
  5. Fun Home
    Must we?
  6. The Who's Tommy
    Molestation, the Acid Queen, etc etc
  7. Grease
    I just don't feel like any of us should have to watch Grease again, including children and teens
  8. Urinetown! The Musical
    Not a particularly inappropriate plot, title is name-related
  9. Spring Awakening
    Onstage masturbation, incest, abortion, teen humping.
  10. Shrek
    Jk, love this one.