1. Your bio describes you as "old and opinionated" and your name is Michael Rose. That sounds a lot like my dad. Are you my dad?
  2. Wouldn't that be wild, if my dad (let's call him Ohio Mike Rose) was just ON LIST APP, and we talk on the phone almost every day and neither of us ever mentioned it?
  3. I have concluded you are probably not my dad because your narrative voices are quite different. But that would be so wild! I enjoyed thinking about it.
  4. I also went to college with a boy named Mike Rose, who I thought would be my friend because he and my dad have the same name!
  5. Mike Rose did not want to be my friend! He joined the creep frat and dropped out at the end of freshman year.
  6. I just googled him and he is an executive working in Hollywood now. He seems happy and rich! Does not feel right!
  7. Are you that Mike Rose? Yeek.
  8. Tell me what kind of Mike Rose you are!