1. I am in a big house or hotel or university or governmental building (it varies) with lots of staircases and elevators.
    I am running around either pursuing or being pursued, taking lots of secret passageways and corridors.
  2. I discover I cannot graduate from college and have to return for one more semester.
    I reluctantly return to central Ohio, where I have no place to live and know no one except my former professors. I hit them up on Facebook and try to be friends.
  3. I have taken a role in a production last-minute and am about to go onstage having memorized none of my lines.
    It is very anxiety-inducing.
  4. I am hooking up with a dude who is not my boyfriend.
    And then I feel very awkward and guilty when I wake up in bed next to my boyfriend.
  5. I can fly!
    This is my favorite one.