Seeing Double at Twinfest 2017 in Twinsburg, OH

Twinfest in Twinsburg, Ohio is the largest annual gathering of twins in the world, and it is TRIPPY. Twins run in my family— my dad is a twin, and my sister welcomed identical twin girls last year. Today the whole family took our first trip to Twinsburg, just 45 minutes from my hometown, to enjoy the centennial Twinfest celebration.
  1. Here's my fam: my dad, Michael, and his twin, Michele. My grandma did not know she was carrying twins and thus did not have two unique names ready! My dad was twice the size of Michele when they were born, which still sort of holds true.
  2. My nieces Lily and Nora, who at this point were pretty tired from all the fun
  3. People went all out with their outfits, and it was wild to see two of almost everyone. In addition to these beer maids, there were twins from the Victorian era, the Civil War, Star Wars, and A League of Their Own. This year's theme was "Heritage."
  4. People were really nice about posing for pictures. I usually offered to take one for them after snapping my own.
    I always asked "Who chose the outfit?" which only prompted one disagreement.
  5. Two really cute chess pieces
  6. Lots of patriotic get-ups. People loved repping their hometowns: we saw sports team jerseys from neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and full costumes from Canada, Puerto Rico, England, China, Ukraine, and Germany. So many people said they came from all over for Twinfest!
  7. I asked these Puritans if they were from Boston. They weren't— but they said dressing like pilgrims wins the costume contest every year.
  8. These little Brits were adorable. 🇬🇧
  9. Today was so fun— and it was the first day I've ever been out with my sister and her two girls and no one said, "Wow, looks like you've got your hands full!" 👯