To be updated continually!
  1. Parakeet
    A female student who gets excellent grades, excels on the sports field, is cute as can be, enjoys popularity among her peers, and is usually a huge pain on the ass. Named because parakeets are pretty and never shut up.
  2. Barron Trump
    Not uncommon in the wealthy community where I work, a Barron Trump is a child sired by an older father with his second or third wife. It is sometimes initially confusing in meetings trying to guess the role of the much older and rich-looking male in the room. Is he dad, grandpa, or doctor? Often these children are lovely, by the way— mom stays at home, Dad is retired 'cause he's made all his money, and the child benefits from two devoted, full-time parents. I actually sorta like Barron Trumps!
  3. NEA Flunky
    A dinosaur, establishment teacher who has been in the building forever and decided a long time ago to stop teaching actual lessons or being nice to kids. Impossible to fire, locked in till retirement, unemployable in any other field, and completely useless, this teacher owes everything to a union system that needs heavy reforms. Makes the rest of us look bad.