The Contents of My Purse

"I'm Mary Poppins, baby!" -Mariah Carey
  1. A two inch binder filled with book projects
    Approximate thickness
  2. Flush, Hoot, Chomp, and Scat by Carl Hiaasen
    We are doing literature circles right now so I have to read all four. They're a lot of fun!
  3. My phone that I can always find because of its yellow Hamilton case
  4. 2 pairs of ear buds, very tangled
    In case one gets lost
  5. Winter gloves
  6. A mesh bag of halo oranges
  7. A CHI hair straightener
  8. An old tshirt I intended to work out in but didn't
  9. A crumpled grocery list of items I already bought
  10. A program from my middle school's production of Footloose! that I still haven't put in my teacher evidence binder
  11. Ricola cough drops
  12. Two pairs of socks
    For two workouts I apparently didn't complete
  13. George Constanza wallet
  14. Keys
  15. 1000 Rainbow stickers— a Christmas gift from a student
    Don't think she knows it's a gay thing, but hey, stickers!!! Gonna use them to decorate a Safe Space poster.
  16. A roll of cat stickers
    I use a lot of stickers, ok
  17. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Lovely
    There are no substitutions.
  18. Fifteen pens I swore I lost