1. How many calories are in these Doritos and pretzels?
  2. If I get up to get another cookie, will people judge me?
  3. Will we get out on time or are the administrators going to keep us late again to try to do teambuilding?
  4. If they attempt to do the teambuilding, how many people leave when it hits 3:30 and we're past the contracted time?
  5. Everything they are telling us was already written in an email and sent prior to this meeting. I already read this meeting.
  6. Everyone in this room has a Masters degree. It is insulting to spend this mandated time reading us an email we already read.
  7. How is it that people who can't run an hour long meeting once a month are somehow responsible for evaluating me, and I teach 25 classes a week?
  8. Linda brought up the copier. This is usually where the wheels fall off the wagon.
  9. The full-fledged argument surrounding the copy machine has now plunged the meeting into chaos. We're never going to get around to teambuilding. This is amazing.
  10. Hate everything. Teambuilding commences and of course I'm the designated note-taker.
  12. 4:15 Arrive home. 100 vocabulary sentences, 25 book reports. Gahhhh.