The full and complete version of this list is TIERED because I don't think these movies can be properly ranked. But for the purpose and format of this app, here is my list. Other good movies exist. These are my tried and true go-to's in my hour of need. You can disagree with me, but you'll be wrong.
  1. When Harry Met Sally
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    You may not know it, but your life was changed by When Harry Met Sally
  2. Sleepless in Seattle
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    Watch this again and again for young Tom Hanks in a chambray shirt and Young Meg Ryan's adorable dialogue and elegant hands.
  3. You've Got Mail
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    The final member of the Nora Ephron/Meg Ryan trifecta.
  4. Silver Linings Playbook
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    I don't have enough words to describe how perfect this film is. It wins the relevancy award and has an amazingly satisfying ending you never knew you needed.
  5. Moonstruck
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    The movie with an an unexpected makeover scene!!!! All the plot lines in this movie are good. Cher wins. Nicolas Cage wins, for once. Everyone wins.
  6. Pretty Woman
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    Julia Roberts is without flaw in this film. She is young and wild and beautiful. This movie is both vulnerable and sexy and ITS AMAZING!!!
  7. Runaway Bride
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    Thank you Garry Marshall for bringing Julia and Richard back together.
  8. While You Were Sleeping
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    Bill Pullman's hair and dad-like charm make him the PERFECT man in this movie. He makes custom wooden furniture!!!! 90's fashion is also very on point here.
  9. The Wedding Date
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    Some bad dialogue. Some TV-level acting. But I have two words for you...DERMOT. MULRONEY. Some will argue for My Best Friend's Wedding but HOW can anyone call that film a comedy??? It's an utter tragedy. All the relationships in that movie are ruined, as well as a very expensive and nice wedding. It's garbage if you ask me.
  10. How to Marry a Millionare
    This movie is stylish, timelessly funny and smart and elegant and PERFECTION!!! And TBH Idk how this work of art hasn't been adapted for the stage yet.
  11. Difficult cuts made, due to restrictions:
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (no musicals), Crazy Stupid Love (convoluted plot lines), About Time (time-travel element)
  12. Movies I think people are lying about liking:
    Serendipity, Love Actually, The Notebook (not a comedy btw.), MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING!!!