1. Ok HATERS. Have you guys ever read a play before????
  2. Scripts are typically devoid of excessive punctuation or indication of inflection because that stuff is up to actor interpretation so don't knock it until you've SEEN IT IN ACTION. Y'ALL NEED VISION.
  3. Basically this script was only released anyways because we're greasy, grimy, greedy fans who are eager to get our hands on anything with JK Rowling's name on it and also because the Harry Potter Franchise LOVES MONEY!!!! "BUY OUR WORDS!!!! And COME TO OUR THEME PARKS!!!!"
  4. While reading, I wished there was 1000x more exposition on everything because I, too, had a dream that one day JK Rowling would write another Harry Potter book. But it's a play...so stuff has to be spelled out very basically for an audience to follow.
  5. I especially wish there was more exposition on DELPHI. She's a TOTAL BADASS!!?? Right???? Her colored hair and sick dark-magic-bird tattoo??? Yes pls.
  6. "But it reads like a fanfic!!!" Blah blah blah you crack heads, JK didn't write it, the other guy did, don't you think he IS a fan???
  7. As much as I loved every second of reading it, I really would have preferred the script not be released like a novel because I think ultimately it confused people.
    It seems like everyone has an opinion on everything these days and for some reason have decided they have a wiser opinion regarding all things Harry Potter than THE GOD OF THE WIZARDING WORLD HERSELF Mrs. Rowling.
  8. I could go for a movie version. Could give us a more nuanced, up-close approach to this story and these characters at this point on the timeline. Don't play, you'll all buy pre-sale tickets for opening night.
  9. In the name of Lordt Voldemort bless that the amateur rights never get released for this show. Amen!
  10. Mischief ✨ managed ✨