Losing my mind for the early 2000s

I truly never thought we would find a way to romanticize 2000s fashion. Yet here I am...I can't get enough these days. Last week I cut "face framing layers" into my hair...
  2. I flipped through this crap literally hundreds of times
  3. I would try to pick my favorite photo and which photo I would personally most like to be featured in.
  4. Truly the GOAT.
    Rest in peace, Amanda Bynes of yesteryear. The Amanda Show was beyond iconic. I really think she could have been one of the greats.
  5. I can't!!!! This font, the black boots, the halter!!! I'm dead.
  6. This song, these looks, this movie, this aesthetic, these singers. I still lose my mind every time.
  7. Disney channel original movies. Get a Clue. All of the outfits.
  8. Lindsay Lohan really was the princess of the 2000s. I'm obsessed with this look rn and I just DONT KNOW WHY.
  9. Confessions of a Drama Queen SHAPED ME INTO WHO I AM TODAY.
  10. Oceans 11 gives me LIFE.
    Aesthetic, the perfect heist, GEORGE EFFING CLOONEY, perfect humor, just all around perfect perfection.
  11. RIP BRAD & JEN. I still don't think I've ever seen her happier/more radiant.
  12. I am positively WISTFUL
  13. Ok let's talk MEN from the 2000s. I think I hated the way they looked back then, and I still hate the way they look TBH.
  14. No part of me has ever enjoyed the men's aesthetic from this era!!!
    Frosted tips, baggy pants, buzz cuts, layered hoodies, big collars. I just can't. The only thing that can come back is the turtle neck.
  15. A man who got it right in the face of opposition.
    I like to imagine Patrick Dempsey slapping the gel out of the hand of his hair dresser. He rose above.
  16. SPEAKING OF. Scrub sexuality.
  17. 2003 brought us the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them together. IM WEEPING.
  18. The Devil Wears Prada. I truly thank Lordt Miranda priestly herself that I was alive to see this movie in theatres.
  19. I could go on for ages. SpongeBob. Sequined clutches. Brightly colored velour. Blow-up chairs. I guess you just don't know what you've got until it's gone 😢