These are the memories that keep me up at night
  1. The first spelling bee I lost, I got a hard word and the person after me got LEASH. LEASH!!!!!
  2. I won my school's bee, but lost the regional bee in my first round with the word "immediately." I spelled it "immediatley." The girl who won was also named Emily.
    I didn't prepare for this bee at all. That's the worst part. If I had just PRACTICED.
  3. A couple years ago I took a management communications course, and we took a spelling/grammar test that the professor said no one in her history of teaching had ever got a 100% on. I got 100% correct and I feel like she still probably tells her classes that no one ever got a perfect score.
  4. I was cast in a Don Henley music video as a child, but they were gonna dye my hair brown. A couple days after they told me I got it, they called and said they found a girl who already had brown hair and were just gonna use her.
  5. My mom wanted me to have a "normal childhood" so she had me dropped from my talent agency.
  6. I quit French right after my high school teacher told my mom I was the probably the most proficient French speaker in the class and was essentially fluent at that point.
  7. In elementary school we took a computer quiz to determine the "best reader" in our class and I came in second to Mark Kamei
    I think he got one or two more answers right than me but I finished before him. I'm still mad.
  8. Basically I can't let go of the fact that I feel like I had a lot of potential as a kid that I have not lived up to. Look how beautiful I was?????? Tragedy.