1. Red carpet is a massive part of the fashion industry. To millions of people, it DOES matter who she's wearing!!!
  2. She spent hours getting ready.....compliments and inquiries upon her appearance don't have to be a negative thing.
  3. The dress/ensemble is a design that came to be as a result of TEAMS of individuals artists, designers and stylists. These people deserve acknowledgement.
  4. Small talk isn't evil....it's just boring and shallow sometimes.
  5. The question is asked at events as a part of red carpet TRADITION! Every star on the red carpet has already answered PLENTY of questions regarding the work they're representing on their mother effing press tour.
  6. No one asks the men because ALL OF THEIR SUITS LOOK THE DAMN SAME
  7. Idk if anyone knows this anymore but not everything has to be offensive, and not every tradition is completely rooted in sexism and the oppression of a part of society! This question is rooted in MONEYYYYY. ADVERTISING.
  8. Julia Roberts was probably asked who she was wearing in both of these pictures. Fashion is INTERESTING and that's why we ask!!! We ask Julia Roberts because she is a treasure of American filmography and a goddess among women.
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