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I don't know why they look at me like this, but as you can see, they always do.
People experiencing homelessness, people that are homeless, people without a home, but not homeless people. We need a people first mentality.
  1. 44,000 people experiencing homelessness in LA county.
  2. There has been a 12% increase in the last year. But nationwide, there had been a 10% decrease since 2010. Is there really a decrease or are they just shifting around?
  3. 17.6% of LA county lives below the poverty line.
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  1. "I actively didn't cuddle him... That much"
    On breaking the no boys 2K16 pact
  2. "Check yourself into every hospital until your doctor is single 2k16"
  3. "She's like hyperspace mountain, and I'm star tours"
    On dealing with emotions (@mandabee)
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I literally had no idea they weren't happy
  1. 😅
  2. 😅
  3. 😅
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  1. what is this?
  2. what is thIS?
  3. what is THIS?!
  4. what IS THIS?!
  1. Weariness is not a promise of God
  2. Rest is a promise of God
    Matthew 11:28
  3. Chaos is not a promise of God
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I work with people dealing with homelessness in LA on the daily and @Debby requested a list of some of my favs. I love what I get to do, and I get to know and love on some of the most amazing people that have lived through some really terrible circumstances. These are just a fraction of some of the people that have impacted me!
  1. MS. DORIS
    This woman. My favorite story teller. She has claimed territory on the same corner for I don't even know how many years. She is beautiful and wise and when asked, says that she's there because she's petitioning. She is one of the most welcoming humans I know, and loves having her nails painted.
    Goofy as heck, but very protective. Very proud of his two daughters, one who passed away a few years ago in a car accident with her mother, who he was in love with. Any time anyone has ever been threatening to me in any way in his presence, he steps in between. He takes care of his friend and always is down to chat about life. Also I received a text from him on Christmas Eve that said "happy Christmas Eve, my treasure! We miss you and love you and Mamma and Khadibou say hi!!"
    Soldier's dog!!! Such a handsome boy. All the people that take care of him are men, and he is so rowdy and misbehaved. So sometimes if I have some time I go get him and walk him, and for some reason he responds really well to me. He's really skittish and on edge usually for the first 5 minutes of our walk. When I graduate in June I'm hoping I'll be able to steal him. He's scary looking but my heart is pretty much sold.
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  1. Food other than breakfast
  2. Friends that get jealous when you have other friends
  3. Boys that keep lines blurry
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  1. Coffee cups (empty once, full once)
  2. My roommate
  3. My laptop when I fell asleep watching The Office
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This list was probably requested to convince me to not cut my hair. By a good friend.
  1. I can use it to flirt or to hide behind if I'm nervous
  2. People always play with it as a form of affection
  3. Sometimes little girls think I'm Elsa or various other Disney princesses & that's adorable
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