People experiencing homelessness, people that are homeless, people without a home, but not homeless people. We need a people first mentality.
  1. 44,000 people experiencing homelessness in LA county.
  2. There has been a 12% increase in the last year. But nationwide, there had been a 10% decrease since 2010. Is there really a decrease or are they just shifting around?
  3. 17.6% of LA county lives below the poverty line.
  4. 30% of LA county suffers from mental illness. 1/5 have physical disabilities.
  5. 21% of nationwide homelessness is in California
  6. 23% are under the age of 18, 9% are between the ages of 18-24, 68% are over 24.
  7. Estimated 200,000 families
  8. Estimated 350,000 individuals
  9. 8% are veterans
  10. A woman who is experiencing unsheltered homelessness is usually raped within 24 hours of being on the street.
  11. CAUSES: Not what you think
  12. Youth: family conflict or LGBTQ discrimination
  13. Individuals and families: typically unforeseen circumstances. Top 3 reasons are lost job, lost housing, or family tragedy. (See laziness anywhere in there?)
  14. Reasons they stay unhoused/challenges in finding housing: physical illness, mental illness, unemployment, criminal background (often from being involved with gang activity from a young age,) lack of personal resources such as phone, shower, transportation. Lack of self-esteem.
  15. Veterans: post war related disabilities, PTSD, or just struggling to readjust to civilian life.
  17. In 2016, there is a 5.5 billion dollar budget targeted to homeless assistance.
  18. The housing first model: Housing before sobriety or psychiatric treatment. Standard lease agreement.
  19. Permanent supportive housing: designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis for people that were formerly homeless who have disabilities. This is the most cost effective model. Services include case management, medication monitoring, life skills, behavioral health, transportation, etc.