This list was probably requested to convince me to not cut my hair. By a good friend.
  1. I can use it to flirt or to hide behind if I'm nervous
  2. People always play with it as a form of affection
  3. Sometimes little girls think I'm Elsa or various other Disney princesses & that's adorable
  4. I have been trying to grow it out for YEARS... Why waste it!!!
  5. I can accomplish any cool braid ever. Why would I want to give that up?!
  6. People on skid row call me a mermaid
  7. If I had short hair I would probably have to actually style it every day... I don't have time for that
  8. When I spill coffee on myself (daily) I can usually use my hair to cover it up
  9. It keeps me warm
  10. Long hair is hard to have when you're old... I feel like 19 and long hair go hand in hand.
  11. My friends told me not to ;)