A few of my favorite books from 2015. I'm not an intense reader; I average 12-14 books a year.
  1. The E-Myth | Michael Gerber
    I read this book for business insight and as a nod to my husband, Keith, who has raved about this book for years. The first half is packed with information about the small business owner, why small businesses fail, and the essential ways to help it thrive. The latter half was not as meaty, yet this was still an incredibly helpful read for me!
  2. The Cost of Discipleship | Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    I read this book slowly with my small group at church, allowing for time to process and apply. I found many chapters to be challenging and thought-provoking. With the title including the word "cost," of course Bonhoeffer reminds us that to follow Christ is costly, grace is costly, our every day life has meaning.
  3. Spirit Led Parenting | Tietz & Oyer
    With a little one on the way, I was hoping to avoid information overload, and instead find just 1 or 2 solid resources. This book was just what I hoped! It covers a variety of "baby's first year" issues, all the while guiding new parents towards dependence on the Lord for their child's individual needs. I was encouraged and not overwhelmed. I finished feeling confident that the Lord has equipped me enough to raise this baby and depend on Him amidst all the ups and downs.
  4. Cold Tangerines | Shauna Niequist
    I finally picked this one up after years of knowing I need to read it, and I would love it, etc... It couldn't have been more true. I inhaled this book. Shauna speaks to so many parts of my heart; her words just capture "it." All of it! She reminds me to live intentionally, to soak up every small moment. What a way to enjoy the one and only life I have!