i get stressed easily, that's well known
  1. hearing someone honk nearby while driving and not knowing if they're honking at me
    i always assume i'm being honked at, even if i know i'm not the one doing something wrong.
  2. typing a text to an adult and trying to make sense and sound smart
    every time i text an adult i read it to my mom first.... something i'll miss when i go to college
  3. when my volleyball coach looks at me like he's disappointed in me as i'm trying my best but failing to succeed
    his face is the definition of "i'm not mad i'm just disappointed" and it makes me want to fix everything i'm doing wrong but also hide
  4. instant panic when seeing these signs near me
    even if i'm on a road i know and have driven before and I know i'm driving the right way, the second i see these i have an instant panic of IM GOING THE WRONG WAY WHAT TO I DO NOW