1. Noodles and Company buys Fazoli's
    Fazoli's, give your free breadsticks recipe to Noodles. Also tell them about baking cheese all over everything.
  2. Qdoba buys Chipotle
    Chipotle, your ingredients are overall better but why dont you have free queso? And free guac? And make quesadillas and nachos? Chipotle give all your recipes to Qdoba and be done.
  3. Papa Johns buys Pizza Hut
    I neeeeed a stuffed crust somewhere other than pizza hut.
  4. Taco Bell buys Subway
    Subway is like the biggest chain in the world. Yuck. Taco Bell should buy them all and create a make your own Taco Bell treat with Subway's set up. This is the new American dream.
  5. Olive Garden buys all those snobby people who say Olive Garden is no good.
    Olive Garden is terrific. OG should buy all the haters and get rid of them.