1. A hook!
    In every stall please. I hate peeing while desperately trying to fit both my purse AND my balled up gigantic wisconsin-ready winter coat on my naked lap. But then the real fun begins when it's time to find a path inland to do the wiping. Please. Hooks!
  2. Accessible refills
    Nothing worse than running out of toilet paper. Store the extra tp, soap, and paper towels in the damn bathroom!!
  3. Little garbages in each stall
    And someone to regularly change them
  4. A baby changing table
    In both genders' bathrooms. Unless you want desperate parents dropping their babies pants in your restaurant's booths
  5. Fans
    Bathrooms smell. Why the f would you design one with poor ventilation?
  6. Working locks on the stall doors
    Not these crappy ones!! A little push by someone outside and you have that horrible heart racing moment where you reach out and slam the door back closed and desperately try and remember what is the appropriate thing to say instead of "I'M POOPING..."