You know how eyes are windows into the soul or whatever? These photos are windows into my entire self and also my empty wallet.
  1. NOV 22: Instead of lesson planning, my roommate and I wandered around various bodegas until we found all the necessary ingredients to make this quiche in a bread boat.
  2. NOV 24: My homeroom had a Thanksgiving feast right before break, complete with oxtail, curry chicken, and rice & beans. Mmm.
  3. DEC 6: I visited a friend and former coworker for a brunch potluck, so I made "The Best Breakfast Potatoes Ever." They were indeed.
  4. DEC 12: A lovely friend had me over to celebrate Hanukkah! Hooray for latkes and frosting covered Oreos.
  5. DEC 13: Roommate and I made the trek to Astoria to try some bomb Thai food from Pye Boat Noodle. Not pictured: the wings we consumed directly afterward from a bar next door.
  6. DEC 14: I took a mental health day on the Monday before winter break. What better way to mentally heal than to eat an amazing omelet and drink mimosas?
  7. DEC 19: The Indian food at Panna II isn't the best in the world, but it's pretty unforgettable when you're packed among strangers and thousands of dangling Christmas lights. I sent this photo to my Bengali friend and he responded, "That is so much rice."
  8. DEC 21: My friend and I ate dinner in the East Village, so we decided on a whim to try and get into Please Don't Tell, thinking it'd be an hour wait at least. Instead, we were admitted immediately. We celebrated with cocktails and tater tots, as all should.