Sandra graham is an epic human
  1. he's world famous rapper drake, but at EOD, he's just Sandra's son
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  2. she's in with his woes.
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  3. she IS his woe
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  4. his "tiny hero" 💘
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  5. his "love."
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  6. loyal sister to uncle Steve nee "Silverfox"
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  7. the one drizzy does it all for
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  8. the one who taught America's most cerebral rapper the meaning of love -- "and above"
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  9. a valuable stagehand
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  10. and you know he buy her that Chanel
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  11. PAUSE: time to question if you're publicly celebrating your mother on social media as much as drake is. chances are: you're not
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  12. in closing, thank you Sandra for birthing this sensitive half-Jew who I would someday like to marry. #IFeelBlessed
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