Sandra graham is an epic human
  1. he's world famous rapper drake, but at EOD, he's just Sandra's son
  2. she's in with his woes.
  3. she IS his woe
  4. his "tiny hero" 💘
  5. his "love."
  6. loyal sister to uncle Steve nee "Silverfox"
  7. the one drizzy does it all for
  8. the one who taught America's most cerebral rapper the meaning of love -- "and above"
  9. a valuable stagehand
  10. and you know he buy her that Chanel
  11. PAUSE: time to question if you're publicly celebrating your mother on social media as much as drake is. chances are: you're not
  12. in closing, thank you Sandra for birthing this sensitive half-Jew who I would someday like to marry. #IFeelBlessed