have been at valley nails for 75 mins and my nails are still nakey.
  1. an IUD insertion
    got one yesterday - hurt like a MOTHA but legit only took 8 mins
  2. a subway ride to ditmas park from soho
    oddly did this once
  3. the Channing Tatum issue of vanity fair
    it was boring and basically had very little content to begin with
  4. 2 episodes of "sex and the city"
    john slattery's arc had expired in the time it took me to have a "soak off"
  5. the wait at bar pitti
    if you give the maitre d Knicks tix, you will never have to wait more than 10 mins
  6. a flight to Boston
    marine air terminal 4 life
  7. any premium workout class
    although a Barry's bootcamp with any instructor who isn't Noah may FEEL longer
  8. writing an article for a major news outlet
    this piece I wrote on Monday from Candace cameron bure's huffpost live appearance took a mere 25 mins to pen! http://bit.ly/1IIY6qk
  9. but like... IT IS WURTH IT. I get to own this hand. see here -->
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