Places to go and things to do and food to eat for this summer trip with @dliu
  1. Enoshima
    This is a tourist island an hour outside of Tokyo and it is beautiful, but I'm not precisely sure how to get there...
  2. Odaiba
    Malls, attractions, ramen, statues, rainbow bridge. This is about 30 minutes out from Shinjuku and the recommendation is to take a full day.
  3. Kamakura
    Enoshima is an island off of Kamakura and it has beaches. Probably more than an hour outside of Tokyo.
  4. Mount Takao (Takaosan)
    Monkey park, 90 minute hike, cable cars, museums, crowded on weekends - Takaosangushi Station is where to go
  5. Yokohama
    Food, cup noodles museum, cosmo word, art museum, landmark tower,, Sankeien Garden, Zoorasia, Chinatown, Yamashita Park, Hakkeijima - Minatomirai Station/Bashamichi Station/Shieichikatetsu (JR)
  6. Tsukiji Market
    Restaurants, delicious - Tsukiji Shijo Station
  7. Ginza
    Yurakucho Gado-shita Dining - Yurakucho Station, restaurants, yakitori, izakaya & Mitsukoshi, department store chain & Matsuya, department store with pet shop, food, fashion & Tokyu Plaza Ginza, tax free shopping, rooftops
  8. Dog Heart from Aquamarine
    Shibuya - poodles, cover charge 950 Yen for 30 minutes.
  9. Fish Spa
    Fish Foot Massage (2nd floor of the Daisekai Building - trick illusion museum). 15 minutes for 1000 Yen.
  10. Ramen 🍜
  11. Shabu Shabu 🥘
  12. Yakiniku 🥓
  13. Roppongi Hills
    Shopping complex, fancy
  14. Shinjuku Gyoen
    City park in Shinjuku! Closed on Mondays and has a small entry fee.
  15. Akihabara
    Arcades. Plushies. Electronics. Need I say more.
  16. Yoyogi Park
    City park in Shibuya
  17. Shin Okubo Korean Town
    JR Yamanote to Shin Okubo. Or can walk from the Shinjuku station. Tons of Asian food, not just Japanese or Korean and there are tons of KPOP-esque shops.
  18. Ueno Zoo
    Part of the Ueno Park which has multiple museums and also is just a famous zoo
  19. Daikanyama
  20. Harry's Hedgehogs Cafe
    Roppongi - hedgehogs, bunnies, chinchillas!
  21. Urth Cafe 🍓
    Delicious and instagram worthy. Shut up. I like me a good instagram.
  22. Tsuru Ton Tan
    Udon restaurant!
  23. Jindaiji Shrine
    Beautiful shrine
  24. LAOX, BIC electronic stores
    Both sell weekly subway passes, useful if traveling on subway multiple times a day
  25. Nishiki Market
    More delicious food
  26. Shabusen
    Shabu shabu restaurant
  27. Nakiryu
    Michelin starred ramen
  28. Additional Research
  29. Tsukiji Market
  30. Zauo
    Fish for your own fucking dinner. Need I say more.