so you think you can cook...

A list of my cooking adventures and my grades for them. Pictures would probably be good. Hm...
  1. Chicken & Tomatoes & Spinach
    Easy peasy, tons of soup as a result of the tomatoes. Can batch and bring to lunch without offending other people's sensibilities. B-
  2. Fish + Rice Wine & Vinegar & Sugar & White Pepper & Ginger
    Ugh not a fan. The smell was really obnoxious but @dliu liked it. But he might be lying to me. Flavor was alright but very salty. Hold back on soy sauce and salt. C-
  3. Steamed Eggs
    I love steamed eggs so much and I finally bit the bullet and tried to make it myself. It was delicious and easy to make a huge batch but then the problem is is that I really shouldn't eat 9 eggs in one sitting... A+
  4. Pork Belly + Cabbage
    I believe the point of this recipe was largely to produce hot pot esque food and flavors but it wasn't great for me. The fat wasn't rendered off enough and when I tried to cook it longer, the cabbage just continued to disintegrate further and further. B