The Perfect Man

Just a heads-up, this'll probably be pretty specific since I'm ALREADY DATING HIM.
  1. Height >= 5'11"
    Because I'm 5'6" and if I wear heels, which I do, that are 2-3 inches, I'd still like a slight height disparity.
  2. Perfect nose - good arch with a slight point
    Stems from own hatred of nose. My nose is flat and a little too perky. I prefer a high bridge with a sharper, slightly more angular point on the nose as opposed to my flat button nose.
  3. Expressive eyes
    Not quite an aesthetics because the physical feature doesn't matter, but I love when you can read the emotions in someone's eyes. It feels honest. Also my eyes give everything away...
  4. Computer programmer
    Okay this relies on whether or not you believe that people tend to find those similar to their parents. Which I do. Because I think your father or your mother defines a lot of what you expect in a partner to take care of you or how you expect your house to be run. My dad is very analytical and math/physics was his passion academically. So when I have dumb questions, it means a lot that I can go to someone I trust to not belittle me but is also knowledgeable in areas where I have gaps.
  5. Speaks Chinese
    This one is just practical. My mom means a lot to me, even if she is a tiny bit nuts. I would be very annoyed if I kept having to translate back and forth so it would just be easier if I could just make sure they can speak Chinese
  6. Non-smoker
    I genuinely do not like smokers. And regardless of personal choice, I think that anyone who has a vice can afford to find one that doesn't damage the people around you. Which is why a man who smokes is no partner of mine. Someone who doesn't care about his own health and longevity is clearly incapable of caring about mine. Not. Interested.