Travel Wishlist

A list of places I am dying to travel to. Some of these countries I've already been to, but I haven't been to the cities. Some of the cities I've already been to, but I didn't do anything properly. Ultimately, I need to travel more.
  1. Hakuba-mura, Japan
    I have literally never heard of this place but I want to see more of Japan and this place is in the Northern Japan Alps so it's all winter cool-ness. I'm so excited about the idea! I would love to go to a ski place and a natural hot spring!
  2. Seoul, Korea
    I have been to Seoul before but I did not do enough there. I've actually been twice and I did get to see some KPOP bands perform live and you might think that's sufficient. But it is not. I want to go to a Korean sauna and eat at more restaurants, participate in nightlife, hike, see museums and enjoy more cultural experiences like night markets. I literally missed out on everything. It's supposed to be a lot like New York City and I cannot confirm or deny. But I've been there twice. WHY???
  3. Busan, Korea
    This is their major sea port and it has the best seafood and beaches. Not that I would actually know since I have literally never been. I'm dying to go out there and see all those amazing sights and beaches and just to be there.
  4. Reykjavik, Iceland
    I'm dying to go to Iceland. It seems so amazing and beautiful and I'd love to travel there and hike and just go nuts. I want to see Gullfoss, Geysir, etc etc. I literally don't know, I just want to go.
  5. Breckenridge, Colorado
    I've literally never seen snow. I've seen lots and lots of ICE and HAIL but never snow. I'm very much dying to see snow and play in it. I'd love to try skiing and snowboarding so it's on my list.