I do not have the time to buy groceries because I am a dedicated cog in the NYC media work force. None of these places are what one would call "fancy" "going out" places. This is just me trying to feed myself in a not-shitty way. This is how this city will kill me.
  1. Vegetarian mushroom and spinach tacos: $4 each, 3 for $12
    At a vegan place in Park Slope where I was the only customer
  2. Prepackaged turkey wrap from Union Market: $7
  3. Pork sliders: $5 each, 2 for $10
    This is what I am most ashamed of
  4. Chirashi sushi takeout with side of sesame spinach: $22
    Under protest
  5. Vegan almond salad collard wrap: $9
    I get this on average 2x a week for lunch. It's just a bunch of mashed up seasoned almonds in a big leaf. It's one of 4 things I can eat within a block of my office that don't make me want to pass out after 1pm.
  6. A brownie and a small iced coffee: $8
    I had a long night ahead of me. First brownie I'd bought in five years, at a bakery off Union Square. Inflation is real.
  7. Don't move here. And if you already live here, for god's sake don't move to Los Angeles.