Because we all have dry spells.
  1. Gooey brownies
    I was going to say moist, but felt it inappropriate. Slightly undercooked, still warm, topped with vanilla bean ice cream.
  2. "hot fuss"
    The album by the killers. Who needs an orgasm when you can have an eargasm? Plus, 48 minutes + the hidden track is much better stamina than most guys these days.
  3. Drives in a convertible .
    Ok, hear me out. Maybe this isn't better than your best sex ever. But, your hair will look the same when all the fuel has burned out and you will feel like a badass.
  4. Hot stone massage
    Is it just me or are they tepid? Ugh plus the little lady who knows where to push.
  5. Jumping into a fresh water spring
    Ok, now I'm taking this too far.