Music. Lists. Songs. Over analyzing. What more could a girl want?
  1. "we banged"
    For the boy I wish I never kissed. For the man I regret fucking. Good tunes don't kill the mood, but I hope it softens the blow of my ignorance. Sorry, buddy.
  2. "nice&sad"
    For the 5pm loneliness and unanswered life questions. I hate myself. I love this song. I could be reading. Where is my life going? Am I ugly? Am I cool? I hope no one is following this playlist. No one is following this.
  3. "naps&baths"
    Could be slang, but it's just a chill playlist I enjoy winding down to. Hopefully you don't picture me naked in my own murky bath water. But If you do, you're reading this list correctly.
  4. WORKout
    Yes, J.cole amps me the fuck up.