This face- :| not this face- :) here is why—
  1. Balance
    Nothing spectacular, nothing tragic: that is a good day. Many good days, some awful: that is a good life. Simple adventure helps me feel in control. Life throws enough curveballs. The best things in life must be enjoyed in moderation; even the mildest vices.
  2. Laughter
    The most absurd bouts of laughter. There is power in knowing you look like the goofiest human in the room, and embracing such. If you can make me really laugh more than once, you are of value to my happiness.
  3. Not being afraid to cry
    Because sometimes tears feel like dark, liquid acid and knowing someone (maybe even oneself) holds the antidote to such a painful catharsis is wonderful. It's an inexplicable feeling when you can provide yourself with comfort. It's an accomplishment to wipe your tears and rub some dirt on your own wounds. Crying assists progress and emphasizing euphoria. All cries are good cries.
  4. Hearing a great song for the first time
    This is so much more than a tiny joy. This is a reminder that tingling bliss and sensory pleasure is a renewable resource in the human condition.
  5. Feeling understood
    If there is one thing that makes me feel less alone, it's a nod from across the trenches. We're all crazy, let me know you feel it upon
  6. Feeling at peace with the world's vulnerability.
    We are weak and thus our strengths are so beautiful.
  7. Understanding that "forever is composed of nows"
    The little things add up. I hope to feel contentment when it's all said and done.
  8. Energy
    The power to choose, conquer, fail and repeat.