In no specific order, I am loved.
  1. Neurotic
    Sincerely that one friend who disappeared.
  2. Psychotic
    Circa menstruation/spring time/finals/HBO Girl's Sunday's/new boy in life & via social media habits.
  3. Beautiful
    My soul?
  4. Hot
    I do sweat A LOT. I also own 2 push up bras and have nice legs.
  5. Anxious
    Always true. Mostly apparent.
  6. Smart
    For when they need to make me feel better about myself. It's paired with "funny, beautiful and bubbly"
  7. Not funny
    But I try. Clearly.
  8. Anal
    No butt stuff. Merely the tendency to over-plan and over-communicate.
  9. Dumb
    I.e. Ideas, plans, social media habits, impulsive revenge tendencies, impromptu transportation methods.