For starters, I have over 6k photos on my phone; 90% of which are crap. I'm not gonna hand pick anything 😝
  1. Static
    Saw this in a parking lot one day #lifegoals
  2. Static
    This was in December. We were moving in to a building my friend just bought. She and I ended up buying the same couch and it all got delivered on the same day.
  3. Static
    Me and Tuco Tamale when he was less than half the size he is now. He still does this on a daily basis.
  4. Static
    This photo is probably around five years old. It's my friend's adorable kid showing me his cowboy hat.
  5. Static
    Our little boys when they were actually little 😻
  6. Bonus photo
    They're so big now!! Tito Purrito (right) and Tuco Tamale (left)