Things I'll be freaking out about within the next 17 days

Because that's wedding day 😁
  1. My dress
    I got through over 200 yards of tulle, decided I wasn't totally in love with it, and dismembered damn near the entire thing... Yesterday.
  2. Cakes
    We're not exactly traditional; enter ten cookie cakes. I made a bold (and hopefully awesome) decision to let them decide on the frosting choices. Only guidelines were letters and "something fun and awesome". I also mentioned dinosaurs and unicorns 😉
  3. Booze
    This is my fiancée's department, which is probs why it's the one I'm freaking out about the most. I love him, but urgency isn't exactly his forte.
  4. Food
    Also in my fiancée's hands. See previous statement.
  5. Registry
    Ours looks like a 12 year old's Christmas list. We REALLY want that Lego Deathstar...
  6. Family
    I love mine, but damnit why do they all have to get in at 8am!? Also, it's the first "hey my family, meet fiancée's family".
  7. People
    So many damn people! Already stressing about how we're gonna divide our time with people. Hopefully Parsons is cool with a 100 party walkin 😝 Also, hopefully everyone paid attention to the "wear a costume" and "this WILL get messy" notes.
  8. Venue
    So, we didn't exactly rent one. Call it a "guerrilla wedding". @simplyshelli has three minutes to marry us on a carousel. Fingers kinda crossed our wedding ends in an arrest.
  9. Surprises
    STILL trying to find waterproof acrylic paints on the cheap. This is part of the messy 😈
  10. Tables and chairs
    I mean, where the heck is everyone gonna sit!?
  11. Wishes and laments
    I really wanted the disco bouncy house.
  12. Life
    Oh yah, and I gotta keep up on normal life stuff.
  13. WEEEEEE!