WTF brain!?

This list was compiled over the course of a week or so. It consists of the random-ass things that are stuck in my head when I wake up in the morning
  1. 5/14
    New Shit- Marilyn Manson; twat-nugget
  2. 5/15
    Used to Be- Beach House; who the heck was I talking about them with, or was that a dream?;
  3. 5/16
    Wallabies; endocrinology
  4. 5/17
    Fudgsicles (just the word, not the tasty treats); The Roof- Bloodhound Gang; supine
  5. 5/18
    onomatopoeia; bang boom; forensic linguistics
  6. 5/19
    Potatoes; buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo
  7. 5/20
    Micky mouse pancakes; claustrophobia; parsnips
  8. 5/21
    Clean!!! Party time... Fuck