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  1. Emily
    Middle name: Margaret (this picture isn't the best representation of me - usually I'm sporting a big goofy smile)
  2. I'm a graphic designer (emjahn.com)
    I work at a multi disciplinary design firm in Albany, NY. I also take on a variety of freelance work - branding, front end web design and the occasional wedding invite (so fun to do!)
  3. I find myself taking lots of photos in my day job.
    I wouldn't call myself a photographer tho, maybe more of a camera operator. My favorite part of photography is cracking open Lightroom - a powerful photo editing software. (I took this photo and designed this card)
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  1. My dog julep, investigating a mint julep
  2. One of my favorite meme pages, sporting a 🔥🔥 meme
  3. My boss on a scissor lift at an all boys high school
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We got our pre approval, our offer accepted, inspection, house insurance, appraisal, title report,and mortgage accepted. Now our loan is in underwriting and taking forever.
  1. Packing
    But not really, I have 0 motivation to pack without knowing when I can move
  2. Watching HGTV
    Mostly renovation house hunters and property virgins.
  3. Stressing about packing
    But not actually packing. Debating on how many boxes we need, if we need totes etc
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  1. Five fifty five
    Portland, Maine
  2. Bida Manda
    Raleigh, North Carolina
  3. Bella's
    Clayton, New York
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By Steven Ehrlich, who earned 2015 aia architecture firm of the year, the topic is multicultural and humanistic design based on the location and history of the site
  1. Architects love to use the word vernacular
    Really, they are 5 minutes in and I've heard it 10 times already
  2. Buildings are about people
    Buildings aren't about materials or style or granite countertops. It's about community and the people that inhabit the space.
  3. Architects are great at personifying and bringing metaphors to their work
    - Soap bubble, vertical cube, etc
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  1. Alzheimer's is starting to look more and more like type 3 diabetes.
  2. Halloween decorations are already 40%-60% off at craft stores
  3. Dogs can taste your sweat and can tell if you are happy or stressed
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I also drank 3 beers and ate chicken corn chowder. This post was brought to you by Netflix.
  1. I wonder if death just feels like you're going to sleep
  2. My cowardice
    I would totally just let whatever booby trap kill me instead of wasting whatever tiny life I have left trying to solve a puzzle
  3. At least I can hold my dogs paw during the scary parts
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  1. The size
    3/4 tub- shampoo for scale
  2. The magnets that hold the liner in
  3. The odd ass hot and cold handles
    Hot goes down for more hot , cold goes up for more cold
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  1. Champagne
    Drinking champagne is like signing up for 1. Profuse sweating 2. Wasted after two glasses 3. Mind blowing drunk headache 4. Making bad decisions
  2. Clothes shopping
    ...I'm assuming here. Everyone always seems to be wearing new/nice clothing. I'd rather spend my money on sushi.
  3. Taylor swift
    I could do without, really. Actually all country music can go suck a cowboy boot for all I care.
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  1. Eating a French fry, can't beat it
  2. Oh wait you can beat it , 2 popped collars sophomore year yearbook picture