1. Emily
    Middle name: Margaret (this picture isn't the best representation of me - usually I'm sporting a big goofy smile)
  2. I'm a graphic designer (emjahn.com)
    I work at a multi disciplinary design firm in Albany, NY. I also take on a variety of freelance work - branding, front end web design and the occasional wedding invite (so fun to do!)
  3. I find myself taking lots of photos in my day job.
    I wouldn't call myself a photographer tho, maybe more of a camera operator. My favorite part of photography is cracking open Lightroom - a powerful photo editing software. (I took this photo and designed this card)
  4. I kind of love absolutely everything.
    Being a designer, you are constantly aware of the human-made and natural world. I appreciate things that open my eyes to new understanding and I'm always bouncing from one :big interest: to another.
  5. I have the biggest love and I am so appreciative
    This is Casey. We are getting married in October and I could not be more pumped. He's a licensed architect and a total feminist and also hunky. He's my best bud and I can talk to him about anything.
  6. We have a doggo together
    This is Julep. (Like mint julep - hence the drink in hand 😁)
  7. I'm a big ol feminist/self proclaimed "social justice warrior"
    I'm constantly aware of biases in my community and beyond - whether gender, race, class, sexual orientation or otherwise. I try my best to help raise this awareness in others but it's really difficult. I also understand my privilege and try to constantly understand and learn about the struggles people unlike me face. I stress about this a lot, sometimes I think my biggest power in this is my vote - or just getting one friend to think twice about the stereotypes they spew.
  8. I try to do one thing everyday that scares the living shit out of me.
    Usually this is easy, I have mild social anxiety (usually in public places with strangers). Going out of your comfort zone is exhausting but I do believe it makes me more powerful.
  9. When I'm not in front of a computer I'm standing at a kitchen counter
    I'm (not ashamedly) obsessed with food. I think about my next meal and I just love the improvisational act of cooking. It's something I look forward to after a long day. My favorite type of food to eat and make right now is Thai food. After doing whole30 and confirming my lactose intolerance - creamy but savory coconut milk is my absolute favorite.
  10. And that's me!