By Steven Ehrlich, who earned 2015 aia architecture firm of the year, the topic is multicultural and humanistic design based on the location and history of the site
  1. Architects love to use the word vernacular
    Really, they are 5 minutes in and I've heard it 10 times already
  2. Buildings are about people
    Buildings aren't about materials or style or granite countertops. It's about community and the people that inhabit the space.
  3. Architects are great at personifying and bringing metaphors to their work
    - Soap bubble, vertical cube, etc
  4. "Open your eyes and plagiarize"
    Great quote by his then dean. Use the greats to build your vocabulary when learning
  5. Architects value photographers immensely
    Without proper photography of their work the space never lives beyond the small amount of people that come across it every day, capturing a 3d space you can inhabit requires unique and a particular eye to photograph
  6. Indigenous architecture is sustainable
    The most simple building out of necessity is a lesson in sustainability. Natural ventilation, allowing external protection and internal comfort with a courtyard, etc.
  7. "If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go with others"