1. Door ways/entryways
    I never know if I should hold a door open, open and hold for someone behind me, hold the door for someone that's 25ft behind me and make them run. Acknowledge them, ignore them. When I feel like I do the "wrong" combination of things I beat myself up over it for about 3-4 hours
  2. Dealing with "pushy" sales people
    Pushy is a relative term, anyone I don't know that talks to me is immediately put on my "go awayyyyyyy" list
  3. Phone calls
    Any phone call is a strenuous activity that should be avoided
  4. Small talk
    Weather....more weather... Try to avoid political topics... Movies? (Can I run away yet?)
  5. Crowds
    "We need a new plague"
  6. Appointments ( especially with people you've never met before)
    "Where do I park!!!?" "Who am I?!?" "are my teeth clean?" "Do I sound like professor quirrel when I talk?" "...voldemort?" "Can I leave yet?"
  7. All my anxiety can be summed up by this blog/comic: http://floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com/
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