I also drank 3 beers and ate chicken corn chowder. This post was brought to you by Netflix.
  1. I wonder if death just feels like you're going to sleep
  2. My cowardice
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    I would totally just let whatever booby trap kill me instead of wasting whatever tiny life I have left trying to solve a puzzle
  3. At least I can hold my dogs paw during the scary parts
    The hole full of hypodermic needles and the pig slush maker (what is that thing really? How did he get it in there?!)
  5. Actually these movies seem decently cast!
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    Donny Walhberg, Danny Glover! That girl from seventh heaven
  6. Sometimes I root for the killer puzzle guy
    Am I just evil to my core?
  7. Strategically placed popcorn eating is the name of the game here
    Oops someone's thorax is getting ripped off, no popcorn. This Amanda chick just walking around being crazy, opportune popcorn time!
  8. "Can you save a foot after it gets cut off!?"
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    I think the answer is prob not.
  9. Wonder why that pig mask (or that jigsaw swirly cheek guy) never took off for Halloween.
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