You just want your dog not to be a dick so you enroll in dog class...
  1. Your dog listens better after you figure out what things you have to say to them and when to strategically give out dog crackers
  2. Dog teachers secretly judging you because your dog isn't pure bred/ beautiful enough/ akc certified
  3. The classes on being upwards of 30+ dollars an hour
  4. Dog teachers not so secretly judging you on training techniques you learned 8 minutes ago
  5. You're dog being cuter than all the other dogs
  6. All the dumb commands makes you feel like you're the dumb animal
  7. You realize how much your dog has taken over ever aspect of your life... Everyone moment is a possible training exercise 😑
  8. Then your dog actually is a dick and now you're broke and learned what "heel" means but nothing matters anymore
  9. At least your dog is cute
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