Reasons Why the Best Comedy/musical Film Golden Globe Needs to Stop Existing

Stop the madness. Please.
  1. A movie can make you laugh and not be a comedy
    See: dark comedies, black comedies, dramatic films with a comic relief. The Social Network made me laugh several times. Does that make it a comedy?
  2. Why are some dramas funny enough to be comedies and others aren't?
    I would really love to see the debate on this actually. A bunch of guys in a room yelling that that one scene in the Martian means it's comedy of the year.
  3. Not all musicals are comedies
    See: Les Miserbles. I'd even argue Into the Woods isn't, at its heart, a comedic musical.
  4. Unfunny musicals then have an advantage
    Because come on, it's not fair judging the tears Les Mis made you cry against the tears Moonrise Kingdom did.
  5. In fact, many comedy-but-not-comedy movies then get an advantage
    We all already know that Spy or Trainwreck probably won't take home the big award. Why? Because how can a comedy like Bridesmaids (raunchy) win against a "comedy" like The Artist? The deck automatically gets stacked in the more artsy, mellow movie's favor.
  6. So for the love of movies and sanity, get rid of this ridiculous category
    Do what the Oscars do - nominate more best films. Because if movies like Salmon Fishing in Yemen are that good, you'll nominate them for best film without the comedy/drama differentiation. And if they're not? We don't have to watch people praise The Tourist or Burlesque throughout a fifty hour award show.