1. King of the Road by Dean Martin
    THE song of my childhood. Every time we were in my dad's car, we made him play this song. I still know all the words and it's been years since I've actually listened to the whole song.
  2. You'll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins
    This was my first karaoke performance. I was three and couldn't read, but I knew all the words anyway.
  3. Don't Look Back in Anger by Oasis
    Another dad's car song and one of my favorite songs to this day.
  4. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
    This song reminds me of driving through Vermont with my cousins. My uncle told us that he had Neil Diamond write this song for my cousin, Carrie, and we believed him for way too long.
  5. Yellow by Coldplay
    Another song that reminds me of Vermont drives.
  6. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
    The first music video I ever saw on YouTube and my introduction to mainstream music.
  7. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen
    My mom's favorite song, but she always made sure we knew to never date a guy who said "you ain't a beauty, but eh, you're alright."