A weird thing happens when you have a baby, strangers all of the sudden want to talk to you about said baby. Mine happens to be a little ginger and I guess that's really nuts because no one can believe it!
  1. "He's not THAT ginger"
    This has been said in an attempt to make me feel better that his hair is red. Because you know, red hair is frowned upon.
  2. "He's still cute though"
    Lol yes very hard to believe.
  3. "He obviously got his mom's hair!"
    Actually no. My hair isn't red, I've colored it for years. I've had to explain my family's genetic situation in the check out aisle at the grocery store probably 800x.
  4. "Do you think it will change?"
    Uh idk. I actually don't care.
  5. I mean look at him. He's real neat!