1. This morning, I got a series of emails meant for someone else.
  2. They requested their username from CVS
  3. They renewed their prescription
  4. They got confirmation that their order will be shipped to them soon
    In upstate NY
  5. And THEN I got an email from a photographer that my prints are ready to be picked up
    In England
  6. Because of the locations, it seems like there must be TWO other Emmas, not one
    Or is this part of some larger conspiracy? Because what are the odds I'd get two sets of emails intended for different people on the same day?
  7. Although now I can vaguely remember getting a similar photographer email before so it's probably spam
  8. In any case, the photographer's email is signed...
  9. B E V E R L E Y
  10. What does it all mean??
  11. UPDATE: I'd emailed the photographer back to say they had the wrong person and they responded!
    So it's not spam? Or did I just fall deeper into their trap? I hesitated on including the name of the photography company, but kept it in case one of you can say, "oh yeah, those people? They are notorious for scamming people" or something
  12. 2ND UPDATE: I searched through my old emails and discovered that there's a reason the photography thing seemed familiar.
    I'd already had a similar exchange with them a year ago. About cherub baby photography.
  13. So there ARE two other Emmas, who I accidentally received emails for on the same day