A check-in
  1. Sometimes the simplest way to feel fulfilled is to finish reading a book
  2. Don't forget the incredible catalytic properties of intense anger, boredom, and heartache
  3. If he isn't dying to spend New Year's with you, he's just not that into you
  4. If he doesn't tell you it's his birthday, he's just not that into you
    Exception made for people who hide their bdays from EVERYONE...but even then, really? You're going to keep that from me?
  5. If you follow him on Twitter and he sends you a text saying, "thanks for the follow!", but doesn't follow you back...he's just not that into you
  6. The process of writing something can sometimes feel meaningless and discouraging, but I like to think that you're creating tiny grains of sand each day and eventually you've built a god damn beach, baby!
  7. Someone you still haven't met yet is going to have a profoundly positive impact on your life
  8. If you have someone you can full out, no marking cry in front of and someone you can genuinely laugh with, you are lucky as hell
    They don't even have to be the same person!
  9. Sometimes it's the people who are the most aggressively friendly towards you who actually secretly hate you and the people who are the most detached/awkward with you are the ones who actually enjoy your presence
    Keep your eyes open!
  10. The antidote to most of my fears is to keep creating