And the stellar movies they starred in
  1. Jonathan Jackson in Camp Nowhere
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    This is one of my favorite childhood movies. Also features Christopher Lloyd and the infamous Andrew Keegan! And teaches valuable lessons about independence, ingenuity, and friendship!
  2. Jonathan Brandis in Ladybugs
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    RIP, sweet Jonathan
  3. Thomas Ian Nicholas in Rookie of the Year
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    His mom is played by one of my fave actors, the amazing Amy Morton, who you may have fallen for in the Steppenwolf/Bway productions of August Osage County and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf! She was also great on Girls!
  4. Bug Hall in Little Rascals
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    Actually ALL the little rascals were super cute. Remember Buckwheat? He was maybe the cutest kid that has ever existed. "I got a dollar. I got a dollar. I got a dollar. Hey hey hey hey!"
  5. Christian Oliver in The Baby-Sitters Club
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    Luca!! I could do a whole list about this cinematic masterpiece and MAYBE I WILL!
  6. Paul Rudd in Clueless
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