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    I know this is kinda old news, but I am still all about this song. And the video is 💯. Maybe my favorite thing Rihanna has ever done ever. Kanye and Paul are also dope sauce. What is the weird scratchy alien baby voice that appears in the song? I'm not sure, but I have been trying to imitate it constantly! 👽👶
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    Marnie the Dog
    This is currently the background of my phone. Easiest way to inject joy into your life is to start following Marnie the Dog on Insta.
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    Superfruit: Pop Goes Broadway
    Pentatonix boyz PLUS Shoshana Bean PLUS pop songs PLUS dat musical theater acting which is about making BOLD CHOICES and REACTINGGG//
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    Good Bites Truffles
    Expensive AF, but good AF. Cacao, goji berries, hemp seed, coconut oil, honey, spirulina, tocotrienols (derived from vitamin E), Himalayan pink salt, pure vanilla powder. Everything you need to be the decadent raw goddess you've fantasized about becoming since you first landed at LAX.
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