explorations of the hollyweirdness
  1. How'd You Get That
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    http://bit.ly/1J3sltO I feel like I send this video to EVERYONE I meet
  2. "Comedy Couple"-Broad City
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    http://bit.ly/1DIgiCg This is a precursor to the incredible Aidy Bryant/Conner O'Malley scene in the St. Marks episode
  3. "Actress" Ep. 1-Channel 101
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    http://bit.ly/1DIeM3d Watch this whole series! So beautiful and strange and strong
  4. Showgasm: LA-John Early
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  5. Character Actors-The Second City Network
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  6. Morgan Evan's Untitled Web Series Ep. 1
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    http://bit.ly/1DIbAok Watch the whole series!
  7. "Stunning"-Little Horribles
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    http://bit.ly/1aVxDMQ Watch the whole series!