A streamlined way to set up your friends with cool/attractive peeps you've met who aren't right for you because they are your friend/coworker/family memba/you've already dated them and it didn't work out, but you still want them to find love/etc.
    Like Tinder, but for women seeking dope female friends! Or men seeking kewl dude friends!
  3. Social MEETia
    Before seeing a picture of your potential lover/friend, you would read their last 10 tweets, see their last 10 insta photos, and see the last 10 things they wrote on someone's FB wall, stripped of all identification (like on Room Raiders! Anyone?). If both parties dig each other's social media presence, then you have access to their photos and can proceed from there!
  4. +1
    For when you need someone to come to a show/event/party with you, but none of your pals/FWBs/hunny bunnies can join you. Particularly useful for when someone bails on you last-minute and you don't want to go alone. Is this essentially a low-key escort service? MAYBE.