I seriously go limp like a rag doll when I'm exposed to the following
  1. Painfully talented children auditioning for the X-Factor who effortlessly display mature, unteachable swagger
  2. British people speaking
    A lot of times when I write dialogue, I imagine it being said in a British dialect. It somehow feels more right.
  3. Stylish sweatpants
    Most of my goals in life are motivated by a deep need to up my sweatpants game
  4. Forehead kisses
    I was really compelled by the notion of forehead kisses as a teenager, placing it high on my list of desired romantic actions. I still think they are so sweet!
  5. People I genuinely like being genuinely nice to me
  6. Male musical theater voices
    I would like to hibernate for 1,000 years in between Gavin Creel's vocal folds
    Glitter will never let you down. Glitter will never leave you--Seriously, it's quite challenging to remove.
  8. Ugly Dolls
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    My immense willpower has prevented me from purchasing 1,000 of these. I just admire them longingly from afar.
  9. Men who smell wonderful
    I feel like a lot of my lists lean heavily on my fascination with scent, but what can I say, it's VERY IMPORTANT TO ME